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If you want to sort Hosts (via Configuration \ Hosts) by their Interface there is no way to accomplish that in Zabbix 2.2. So we decided to write a short JavaScript "Plugin" for Firefox and the Grease Monkey AddOn.

Here is the actual version for download -> INSTALL

You only have to install Firefox with the Grease Monkey Addon (see links below) and to add a new user-script to it. In the script you only have to copy the content of the above JavaScript to the script editor in Grease Monkey. Also you have to tell Grease Monkey that it has to apply the script on the "*" website. The wildcard "*" is needed!

After that you have to reload Zabbix, log in and now our "Plugin" should work. :)

For further information please contact us: proceed to contact form

Based on:

- Zabbix 2.2 Link
- Firefox Link
- Grease Monkey Plugin Link
- jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0 by Christian Bach Link


- edited MediaWiki page to allow direct download - changes script name to reflect users.js extension

last edit 09.08.2014 by Mario