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: [[File:Warning.png|frameless|ALERT|caption]] '''THIS PROJECT IS OUTDATED''' We will release SMS Gateway 2.o soon!<br><br>
: [[File:Warning.png|frameless|ALERT|caption]] '''THIS PROJECT IS OUTDATED''' We will release SMS Gateway 2.0 soon!<br><br>

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caption THIS PROJECT IS OUTDATED We will release SMS Gateway 2.0 soon!

SMS Gateway V1.20

Free, operating system independent software to send text messages (SMS) by http request (web-interface) including Web-Admin-Console.
This project is available as source code, .war-file and Debian-package. For the ease of use we also provide an appliance to run in virtual machines.
caption Finally we left beta state behind! Download and install the latest and upgradeable version from sourceforge and try it out right now!

Since we started this project (in September 2010) and implemented the solution for our employees needs, we sent about 20.000 mobile text messages (SMS) per month using this solution!
The uptime of the project is amazing, we had no problems any more with sending mobile text messages (SMS) in the last year.

For the latest bugs and tracker requests please take a look at the SMS Gateway site or our SourceForge appearance!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

Screenshots of Web-Admin-Console
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