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n0r1sk software solutions are free and open-source, meaning that it is generally acceptable for any company to use and distribute it as long as our license is respected — we do not charge any licensing fees. However, in order to foster a healthy relationship with the n0r1sk team, we ask that interested parties open a line of communication with us. This is only a courtesy of course, but we appreciate knowing where our project is used. We may even be able to help you with your plan!

We also provide the option for companies to become official sponsors (see the donate button on our front page). In addition to the satisfaction of helping the open-source community, sponsors are entitled to some special perks as well. We strongly encourage anyone using n0r1sk software solutions as part of their business model to sponsor us in some way, though you are welcome to keep the details private if you wish.

If you would like to discuss your project in more depth, please contact us and describe the project and its scope as much as possible. We are always happy to work with companies who wish to include us in their projects.

Bernhard, Mario, Markus and Martin

Feel free to follow our twitter account / google+ page or contact us