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NANTAN a new idea

NANTAN is the native american Apache word for "chief". Take a look here:

We took this name for our software because it is the "chief" of lots of "indians" (resources: e.g. server, hosts, modems)!

It is a web based software to control an environment with many server ("Resources"). Simple plain scripts are used as so called "Activities" that are running on one or multiple "Resources". Next to "Tags" to organize your objects you may group your "Resources" in Organizational Units "OU"s. Even some "Templates" holding resource specific "Activities" are included. User based views and a "Scheduler" are in the pipe.

Having this, everyone who is capable of writing scripts (simple or complex, bash/perl/python/php/...) will be able to manage NANTAN. But even better, NANTAN gives you the power to bundle multiple activities on several resources to a simple click. For sys-admins and those who don't have to bear the burden of knowing the admin password.

But keep in mind, NANTAN is simple but powerfull! There are no complex layers between you (your scripts) and your systems. So if you make a mistake, there is nothing that will protect you to make!

Like at sudo:

  • Think before you type.
  • With great power comes great responsibility.

Once again, think before you type - use your brain and pay attention on what goes on in your scripts!

NANTAN is definitely not a super duper magic marble that knows what you like to do before you know it. It isn't a great "click, click, click" software which is used by non technicians.

BUT: It currently IS a rough bare metal software that provides great power, but needs instinctive feelings and some system experience (especially for your environment) to control.

Here is a brainstorming-log of one of our first brainstormings on this project! -> NANTAN first brainstorming (sorry, in german)
For further information please contact us: proceed to contact form


Supported Databases
- Apache Derby

Use case

Comming soon

Based on: Open Source Software

We are using Open Source software for this project, including:
- Apache Tomcat 6.0.29 -> Link
- Java JDK 6 Update 21 -> Link
- Apache Derby -> Link

Downloads for NANTAN

Comming soon


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