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Downloads for SMS Gateway

All downloadable files are hosted on SourceForge!

Latest Files

Appliance (.iso)

Install the SMS Gateway on a virtual machine or any other x86 System.

The used root password is: r00tme

The appliance is outdated!!!

If you need installation support, please contact us!


Debian Package

The Debian package was built and tested on Debian Lenny 5.0.6.


Binary Release


Source Release


Installer Release

If you need an installer for a destribution other than Debian - let us know! We will support you, if you need a solution! Installer for Linux based systems. The binary will install everything needed to /opt/smsgateway directory und (if you are running a Debian based system) will register the start/stop script on the system. You don't have to care about tomcat, derby db, java-runtime or anything else...



See how to run the installable binary...