Setup IBM3995 Console replacement - How to copy WORM data to a NFS share

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first things first: special thanks to Markus who wrote this documentation!


os2 warp 4.0 server

  • Pentium 4 workstation with ps/2 keyboard and mouse (for the setup) or older
  • token ring adapter
  • ethernet adapter
  • adaptec scsi adapter
  • a zipped copy of the following directories of the system to be replaced
    keep in mind to zip including hidden and system files in order not to loose anything
    pkzip2 and pkunzip2 may be in your c:\ibm3995 directory

setup steps

  1. create 2 partitions C (hpfs) and D where D has to be smaller than 1 GB in oder to set FAT filesystem
  2. screen 1: os2/warp installscreen select locales and see if SCSI adapter was found
  3. screen 2: -> next
  4. screen 3: printer -> ok
  5. screen 4: vga -> ok
  6. screen 5: System Utilities - add Installation Utilities
  7. screen 6: next
  8. screen 7: fill out information -> next
  9. screen 8: file and print sharing services
    -> add virtual DOS LAN API Support
    -> tcpip services
    -> add Network File System (NFS) Support
    -> next
  10. screen 9: configuration
    1. File and Print Sharing Services:
      - Servername: IBM3995
      - DOMAIN: SRV3995
    2. Network Adapters...
      - check if both adapters are in User ID and Password
      - select one of your joice
    3. TCP/IP Services
      - select: DHCP Server is Available on the LAN
      - or configure static ip for your workstation
    4. Network Adapters and Protocol Services
      - See if TCP/IP is bound to Ethernet card
      - "change number..." 0... protocols bound to TokenRing Adapter, 1 ... protocols bound to Ethernet Adapter
      - "Add Protocol..." "IBM IEEE 802.2 Protocol" to the token ring adapter
      - (to change protocols bound to adapter on a working system run C:\IBMCOM\MPTS.EXE)
    5. When all settings are marked with a green check press -> Install
  11. see the installation and wait for the reboot from the DISK
  12. DO NOT remove the os2 installation CD (disk)
  13. rest of setup is copying files
  14. Reboot from DISK is performed
  15. Exit the Installation Additional Options Screen
  16. format D: /FS:FAT (this disk is for dumping the ibm3995 driver)

takeover settings/files from original/old system

on original IBM3995 Controller PC

  1. configure TCP/IP over Token Ring (TR) to transfer zipped folders
    - enter TCP/IP local Settings
    - on our system the IP settings were at (factory settings)
    - change IP to an address inside your TR Network
    - If only SNA communication over TR between your AS400 (system i, power i, i series) is assigned take care to define IP on IBM3995 controller on your AS400
    - try FTP to any Server in your TR and Ethernet Network to transfer zip and config files later
  2. zip c:\IBM3995 and c:\CMLIB
    - find pkunzip2 in c:\IBM3995
    - zip both directories
  3. ftp zip and config files to your server
    - both zip-files
    - the pkunzip2.exe (c:\ibm3995)
    - CONFIG.SYS (C:\) ( to copy some lines)

on new IBM3995 Controller PC

  1. configure SCSI Adapter
    1. - change settings to reflect those on the following 3 screenshots
    2. caption caption caption
    3. but "leave max sync transfer rate" at the default value of your adapter
  2. transfer files to the new IBM3995 PC
    - mount -rc X: 10.x.x.x:/mount/point/
  3. create the directories c:\IBM3995 and c:\CMLIB
  4. unzip IBM3995 and CMLIB zip files to the directories above
    pkunzip2 -d IBM3995.ZIP C:\IBM3995
  5. update CONFIG.SYS (filetype: plain text) to enable IBM3995 connection
    1. find BASEDEV=OS2SCSI.DMD and see if the following line loads your SCSI Adapter Driver
      REM The following line MUST stay in the current position in this config.sys
    2. add "C:\IBM3995;" to LIBPATH, PATH, DPATH, HELP
    3. add the following to the end of the CONFIG.SYS
      REM=IBM Optical Library Dataserver/2 Device Drivers
      REM *IBM Optical Library Dataserver/2* TRACEBUF=63
      REM *IBM Optical Library Dataserver/2* TRACE=ON
      DEVICE = C:\IBM3995\IBM3995.SYS
  6. update CONFIG.SYS to enable CMLIB and SNA-connection over TR
    1. add "C:\CMLIB\DLL;" to LIBPATH
    2. add "C:\CMLIB;" to PATH, DPATH, HELP
    3. add "C:\CMLIB\EN_US;" to DPATH, HELP
    4. add "C:\CMLIB\EN_US\BOOK;" to BOOKSHELF
    5. add the following lines before "REM=IBM Optical Library Dataserver/2 Device Drivers" comment at the end of the config.sys
      REM=for CMLIB
  7. Connect your Library and your Token Ring Adapter cabels
  8. Restart your system now
    1. at startup see if your SCSI drives and mover is detected by SCSI Adapter
    2. you get any message (after os2/work window) that says:
      ibm3995 driver loaded drive is F:\
      errors indicating that the association to the drives is bad, are ok (ignore them)
  9. CMLIB Settings
    1. Get back Desktop Folder for CMLIB
      1. run C:\CMLIB\CMSETUP.EXE
      2. click "Options" in Menu-bar
      3. click "Recreate Folders"
      4. select "create all folders and icons"
      5. press ok
      6. press ok
    2. Check/Reset Adapter for SNA communikations
      1. make sure that IEEE 802.2 Protocol is bound to the TR-Adapter (C:\IBMCOM\MPTS.EXE)
      2. check or change Adapter Numbers inside MPTS in order to get the TR-Adapter as device 0
      3. this is all to make the CMLIB Settings work again
      4. restart your 3995 controller PC
    3. Change the ControllerDescription on your AS400 to connect to the new TokenRing Adapter (Adress)
      1. CHGCTLAPPC CTLD(L3995C26) ADPTADR(0123456789AB)
  10. IBM3995
    1. tear a shortcut from C:\IBM3995\PRESDET.EXE to your desktop and rename it to 3995 (this is the 3995 dynamic console)
    2. rename C:\IBM3995\CONFIG.DAT to config.dax
    3. run PRESDET.exe
    4. ignore the "Dynamic Console Error Alert" messages by pressing "Cancel"
    5. caption
    6. press <CTLG> + <ALT> + <SHIFT> + A to enter the maintenance mode (as described in IBM 3995 HW Guide)
    7. enter date and time, press ENTER
    8. accept the info windows for time settings and that no config file is present, press OK
    9. enter Number of Libs: 1, ENTER
    10. Enter Modelcode: e.g. C26 ENTER
    11. Select Number of Drives installed, ENTER
    12. Accept config with ENTER
    13. Restart your System as written on the following screen
    14. caption
    15. IBM3995 driver will find the drives and assign drive F: for library access
    16. caption
    17. the maintenance mode is reopening and some tests are running
    18. Accept the "test preperation steps" with ENTER
    19. Type "NO" for CE Cartridge available question
    20. Accept the prepare CE Cartridge Warings
    21. press ENTER
    22. Accept the Serial Number of your WARM Library (ENTER)
    23. Accept vital Product Data Update completion message with OK
    24. Press ENTER when Maintenance Completion window appears
    25. Do NOt display the Maintenance Messages (if any)
    26. Exit (F3) the Maintenance Menu
    27. Select YES to vary on the Library
    28. Accept completion message window with OK
    29. Drives are online
    30. caption
    31. no "Audit..." is needed if no operation between zipping the orginal PC directory C:\IBM3995 and this point happened.

Additional Hints

for the NFS mount use the -rc (respect case) option to transfer files in correct CASE format