Linux Day 2009

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On Linux Day 2009 we met Kirill Kolyshkin an helped him a little bit with his booth!

First day: We have seen some speakers about Samba, GPFS and clustering. In the afternoon we would like to join the Puppet presentation. In the mean while we were supporting Kir at his booth (as booth staff :o ) )! Here is a picture of us. It is really funny and very, very interessting because we can get a lot of background informations! Kir is a cool guy!

Second day: We have listened to two presentations about LDAP. The first one was a basic information about the topic itself and the second one was about the syncronisation between OpenLDAP and ActiveDirectory from Microsoft. Meanwhile we talked to a lot of people who either are using OpenVZ or are interested in system management.

Below you will find some pictures & a video: