Debian installation on HP Bl460cG6

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Today we started to install Debian 5.03 on our new blades. We are installing via preseed so we have to manage that the bnx2x firmware works. It isn't included in the netinstaller. Also there is a little issue with the cdrom dection (trough ILO2) but the workaround is just easy.

You could find the documentation about it in the wiki here and here. Here is a short exerpt:

  1. cdrom could not be found
  2. press no
  3. choose "manual select"
  4. choose "/dev/cdrom"

To integrate the bnx2x firmware in the netinstaller use the script you could find on the following page: Special thanks to Dann Frazier who wrote this script!

You could find additional inforamtion here: