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last edit 23.02.2018 by Bernhard

about me

hy @ all my name is Bernhard Rausch

I am Bernhard Rausch:-)

why do i participate in n0r1sk?

  • our friendship brings up some good ideas which are not that far away to reach!
  • and there is more in life than the 'usual' work!

feel free to follow my twitter account / linkedin!

public key

if you want to send me something encrypted...  :)

You can find my key on the SKS Key Servers To use the SKS Key Servers in KPGP, you have to add the pool server URL to the list of key servers. The URL is hkp://

Or you can download it directly here:

bernhard rausch at it-rausch com

to do's


  • Multi Apache documentation + download

One apache httpd installation (on one machine) but multiple different configurations to start with.
so you only have to compile one httpd (with mods) and could provide multiple configurations
so it's easy to change to newer versions & the configurations become more standardized
for us this was developed to easily add a new httpd loadbalancer
Multiple Apache httpd configurations, One Installation

  • Visual SVN - Enhanced Management - documentation + download - C# program

- to create a SVN project
- import SVN projects
- backup SVN projects (by hand or with windows scheduler over command line parameters)
- with automatic Active Directory group-creation plus adding the correct group to the SVN project rights
- extension to the Visual SVN Management Console (mainly with command line parameters for all functions)
- documentation in our wiki
- source-download + exe-download (maybe sourceforge project?)
- start-icon for the program