A Lego Mindstorms robot upgrades an IBM optical library

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The idea was to simply enhance the IBM Optical Library, so that a failure message (of an unreadable WORM), will automatically be saved (by a webcam) and then committed (by pressing the “Enter” button). In the following video you can see the Lego Mindstorms NXT hitting the “Enter” button after the failure message appears on the left monitor.

Link to the documentation -> Setup IBM3995 Console replacement - How to copy WORM data to a NFS share

To make this possible, we used the OS2 Warp workstation, a Linux workstation, a webcam (the NXT color sensor wasn't useful), ORC software (and some other helpful Linux utils), some libraries and a piece of Bash to stick them together. Oh and of course a Lego Mindstorms Brick :-)


The program which is called by the shell-script on the Debian machine has been compiled and uploaded to the NXT with the NeXTTool. Link to the NeXTTool on Sourceforge -> http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/utilities.html